The truth is, we’re not just about smoothie bowls and tropical beaches. So we’ve shared some of the little things you guys don’t know about us below…

Phil: Corporate guy turned #TEDx Speaker and Coach @PhilAnthonyM. 

Jess: London girl turned sun-chaser and smoothie queen @FreshlySnapped.

1️⃣ What were you up to before NanaBowls?

J: After graduating my first job was at DeliciouslyElla. Working as the Digital Media and Events Manager I learnt so much, especially as it was just three girls working at Ella’s house back then. Such an incredible experience!
P: With a Masters in Engineering and Architecture I trained as a Chartered Engineer. I was a designer on the 2012 Olympic Stadium, volunteered in Nigeria, and consulted in Saudi Arabia for 4 years. I quit the corporate world 5years ago to become Director of Thailand’s leading Health Retreat at PhuketCleanse.

2️⃣ The biggest personal challenge you’ve overcome?

P: I was once obese at over 100kg. I lost weight by making small consistent changes to my diet and then fell in love with fitness, became a fitness trainer, ran a marathon and got obsessed with CrossFit.
J: I’ve suffered with hormonal acne for over 10 years. It’s always got to me. I wouldn’t leave the house without tons of foundation on my face. But after learning about balancing hormones (check out FloLiving), eating well, removing stress and acupuncture, I’m way more confident in my own skin and happily go makeup-free!

3️⃣ Your other side hustles and passion projects?

J: Over the past year I’ve begun my own Social Media Agency… responsible for all photography, digital content, videos and blogs for 6 different brands here in Phuket! It’s hard work but I love it!
P: I’m always looking for new partners for startups and passion projects. I run workshops and coach clients on sustainable weight-loss, better sleep, and finding their passion and purpose. My biggest success is helping one lady drop 28kg in the past year. I’m also launching @TheRetreatPhuket to help clients find the perfect healthy holiday.

4️⃣ Where next in the world?

P: I plan to start my MBA at Londonbschool in #Dubai in 6 months time.
J: My dream is Melbourne. How cool would NanaBowls be there?