NanaBowls has gone global! Last week we had the pleasure of running a one day pop-up event in London town, the city where we both grew up!

We teamed up with the flexi goddess Sarah Malcolm to create a joint yoga and NanaBowls event. The pop-up was held in the beautiful Mortimer House yoga studio and kitchen… the dreamiest new London location.

We started the day off with a vinyasa flow yoga class led by Sarah. She got everyone stretching and moving in all the right places, to get you warmed up for the day. After 45 minutes of yoga, everyone had built up an appetite and headed upstairs to the kitchen table where the NanaBowls feast was served! On arrival, guests were greeted with their own Salted Peanut Butter NanaBowl, and could choose from an array of toppings to decorate their bowls. But before even a taste, in true blogger style, a NanaBowls photoshoot had commenced.












1000 photos later, we all sat down to enjoy our PB bowl, whilst Jess demoed exactly how to make it. With just 5 simple ingredients, 1 blender and 45 seconds, the worlds best smoothie bowl was made.


Jess also showed everyone how to make her signature sugar-free smoothie bowls. On a pledge to balance her hormones, Jess is on a mission to create smoothie bowl recipes that include all the right stuff to keep hormonal health in check, whilst also satisfying her smoothie bowl cravings.

These signature smoothie bowls are low in natural sugars (even bananas are out), high in healthy fats and high in protein too. From things like coconut butter, to collagen peptides, Jess explained the use of all her quirky ingredients and how they support women’s health. In a room full of females and girly talk, these bowls went down a treat. Jess shares all of these recipes on her Insta page @freshlysnapped… for anyone daring to give them a go!


A massive thank you to everyone who joined us. It was so awesome meeting our London-based NanaBowlers and sharing the smoothie bowl love with you… despite the snow outside!

If you guys think we should pop-up anywhere else in the world, leave us a comment below and we’ll see what we can do…