Toblerone has just launched a Toblerone Ice Cream!  What a great time to be alive.

Just like the triangular chocolate bar itself, the delicious ice cream is covered in milk chocolate and studded with honeycomb and almond pieces.

Not to be left out, NanaBowls is jumping on the Toblerone bandwagon, but, with a guilt free version…

ALL GOOD: 100% Natural. High Protein. Vegan Friendly 

ZERO BAD: No added sugars, dates, honey, dairy or gluten.


Here’s how to make your very own mountain of Toblerone NanaBowl NiceCream…


– 3 frozen bananas (for the base)

– 6 frozen coconut milk cubes (for the creaminess)

– 50g crushed almonds (for the nuttiness)

– 25g bee pollen (for the honeycomb stickiness)

– 25g cacao nibs (for the crunch)

– 2 teaspoons of raw cacao powder (for the chocolatiness)

– 2 pinches of himilayan rock salt (to make the flavours pop)



Blend all the ingredients together (adding a splash of water as you go to help mix) using a NutriBullet or Vitamix, until a thick n’creamy consistency forms.

Spoon into a bowl and top with…

– bee pollen

– cacao nibs

– crushed almonds

– AND if you’re feeling naughty, some actual Toblerone chunks!  


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