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BBC Good Food

“This delicious healthy recipe has absolutely no dairy, soy, gluten or added sugars. It was created by health food experts Nana Bowls.”

Berry Bliss Smoothie Bowl. Recipe here.

Green Goodness Co.

Business start-up with NanaBowls. Click here for more.

Breakfast In

“Phuket-based legends make the best damn banana smoothie bowls going around”

We’re sharing our favourite Peanut Butter + Jelly NanaBowl recipe, plus our infamous Baileys NanaBowl. They taste so good that it’s hard to believe they’re actually good for you. Read more here.

The Phuket News

“NanaBowls Serves up Tasty Natural Nutrition in a Bowl”

From how we created to NanaBowls to the health benefits, The Phuket News is spilling the beans. Read more here.










Eluxe Magazine

“The world’s first ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury”

As well as being named “Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs”… we talk about our mission to create a nutritionally complete meal in a bowl.

Latitudes Magazine

“Pina Colada recipe”

Exclusive interview with NanaBowls, plus the recipe for our delicious Pina Colada bowl. Read more here.

Pics Peanut Butter

“NanaBowls in Phuket are an award-winning team of smoothie bowl makers. They love Pic’s Peanut Butter and used us in this delicious and healthy bowl”

We’ve shared our signature Salted Peanut Butter Cacao NanaBowl recipe with all the Pic’s fans… go check it out. Read more here. 


The Jewish Chronicle

“Bloggers in remote locations are using food to keep connected to their Jewish roots”

We’re talking with UK based Jewish newspaper all about how NanaBowls has helped us stay connected. Read more here. 

Neat Nutrition

“3 Top Tips To Fast Track Your Post-Workout Recovery”

We’re talking all things protein and recovery with our fave UK based protein company Neat Nutrition. Read more here. 


“Our Halloween Special”

Exclusive Pumpkin Pie NanaBowl recipe. Read more here. 

Bikinis & Martinis

“For all the expats of Phuket…”

Phil and Jess are sharing their top health hacks. Read more here. 

The Fit Foodie 

“The Top 5 Must-Haves for your Smoothie Bowl”

Discover how to transform your morning smoothie bowl with our 5 simple tips, taking your smoothie to the next level. Read more here. 

Breakfast Criminals

“Banoffee Pie NanaBowl Recipe”

Think thick, cold, creamy, sweet, indulgent and crunchy all in one. YUM! Read more here. 


“The Art of Making the Best Smoothie”

We teamed up with Accessorize to show us how them how make the best smoothies, and give the low-down on the ingredients with some pretty swish health benefits. It’s time to shake things up! Plus there’s one very delicious Cinnamon and Almond Butter NanaBowl in there too, for you guys to put the tips to the test and try at home. Read more here.

Health Bloggers Community

“5 Ways to Take your Smoothie Bowl to the Next Level”

We all love a nice cold refreshing smoothie, but you’ll love your smoothies even more when you discover how you can transform them into NanaBowls… the anytime smoothie bowls that smash nutrition! We’ve put together our 5 top-tips to help you realise just how much healthier, and TASTIER smoothie bowls can be. Read more here. 

“How an Instagrammer became a chief smoothie taster”

A typical day in the life of NanaBowls… Read more here. 

Nourish Everyday

“Making Killer Healthy Smoothie Bowls with NanaBowls”

Find an exclusive interview with the NanaBowls co-founders, including how we came to start NanaBowls. Plus a delicious recipe for our Nutella Crunch NanaBowl. Read more here. 

The Native Society

“Inspiring Thought Leadership with a Positive Perspective”

We’re spilling the beans on all the highs and lows of our NanaBowls start-up life, from our biggest success to our most challenging moment. Read more here. 

Kata Rocks

“The 5 Best Healthy Cafes in Phuket”

Find our feature in Wilsons Cafe on the Kata Rocks website – Phuket’s luxury oceanfront resort. Read more here.

Mia Harris

“The Top 5 Must-Haves for your Morning Smoothie”

We’re showing just how much healthier and tastier your morning smoothie can be. Power fuel for those buns and biceps. Plus there’s also one decedent smoothie bowl recipe for those indulgent cravings – Salted Tahini and Almond Butter NanaBowl! Read more here. 

Wholesome Stef

“Get to know the Founders of NanaBowls”

We’re talking to Stef all about our past, current inspirations and of course sharing a drool-worthy recipe for you guys – our personal favourite… Rosewater Berry NanaBowl. Read more here. 

BKK Cafe Life

“The Healthiest Hotspots in Phuket”

We’re sharing our three favourite breakfast spots on the island. Read more here. 

Society of Snobs

“Doing Breakfast the Right Way”

When a group of young Singaporean bloggers travel all the way from Singapore for a taste of NanaBowls. Read about their experience here. 

In The Moment Magazine

“Chai Spiced Smoothie Bowl”

This NanaBowl recipe is a perfect “winter-warmer’ with rich spices. Your go-to festive smoothie bowl! Read more here. 

Jewish Vegetarian Society

“Salted Tahini + Almond Butter NanaBowl”

Find the recipe here.

Alternatively Healthy

Metallic Activated Charcoal recipe. Read more here.

Salted Tahini and Almond Butter recipe. Read more here.

Nutella Crunch recipe. Read more here.

Red Velvet recipe. Read more here.

Sarah Malcolm

“Yoga & NanaBowls at Mortimer House”

Sarah has written all about our London pop-up event. Click here to read more.

Real Life Phuket

“8 gateways to a healthier lifestyle in Phuket”

Real Life Phuket is talking all about staying healthy in Phuket… and we made the cut! Read more here. 

Harvey Nichols Dubai Pop-Up

We popped up at the famous Harvery Nichols in Dubai. Catch our video here. 

Women’s Health, Middle East

Women’s Health Magazine has just featured NanaBowls in their June 2018 edition!

July 2018 Edition