We teamed up with the amazing Indigo Herbs to bring you one super duper double Strawberry Bliss NanaBowl. We absolutely love using all of their products as they’re all premium quality and taste amazing! Today we’re using their strawberry powder to make our classic Strawberry Bliss NanaBowl EVEN MORE strawberrier…




-2 frozen bananas

-1 cup frozen strawberries

-6 frozen coconut milk cubes

-1 tablespoon Indigo Herbs dried strawberry powder

-1 scoop Indigo Herbs plant-based protein powder



Blend all the ingredients together using a top loading, high-power blender, adding a splash of cold water to help blend if you need. Mix using your blender plunger until a thick, smooth and creamy consistency forms.

Pour into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings – we love a sprinkle of their bee pollen, coconut chips and roasted almonds.

So #GrabASpoon and enjoy! If you guys make this one at home, don’t forget to tag us @NanaBowls @Indigo_Herbs and let us know what you think!